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Second Album!

Bobby Dunn Band-A.G.E.S.

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Two Sides Of A Coin Album Cover

Bobby and Kevin Story

Music is collaborative.  After seeing Kevin Weiss play a concert in June 2014, I asked him if he might like to help me with one of my songs.  He said he would.  It took me almost six months to bring the song to him.  I felt it had to be damn good already and not just four chords that never change.  I worked that song to death before presenting it him.  I realized then, that basic was good.  Immediately, the way he played it, made it feel like I'd won the lottery.  He offered to help me if I ever needed a guitarist.  That was what I was hoping for! 

A few months later, we were performing my new album and beginning to write new material.  It only accelerated; it was destiny.  Since January 2015, we have finished 40 songs.  Some compositions, I haven't had time to get to!  This album is proof of a solid collaboration and friendship.  Music is FUN!

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Guitar life

You won't Forget Me

Two Sides Of A Coin

Legs Against The Law


The Whistle Blows

West Of The Sun

No Alibi

Nights Away

In My Cadillac

Destiny's Dust

Many Days

Never Knowing

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