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West Of The Sun

People tellin’ me to come.

People askin’ me to stay.

No one tryin’ to tease me to conform;

And it wouldn’t matter anyway.


I keep my eyes on the horizon,

And a full moon lights my way.

I could just leave tomorrow

With a pack on my back and a note to say...



I’m goin’...west of the sun

West of the sun,

I’ll leave at sunrise

and head for the moon

Not in a hurry

To get there soon.

West of the sun,

West of the sun,

West of the sun,

That’s how I know

When my day is done.


I don’t mind if I get noticed

And I don’t need to be cool.

Never wanted to star in a movie,

I took my time to play the fool.


Now your askin’ me for suggestions;

But you don’t want to hear the truth.

Sometimes the truth can be rejection, my friend;

Sometimes rejection can make you move...




Solitude does not make me lonely,

And loneliness is just a façade.

Pictures I take are moments only

Pieces of a giant painting by God.


Life is only just a journey,

It’s everything you do.

Your journey has to make you happy, my friend;

Your life has to mean something to you.





Music and Words: Bobby Dunn

©February 2017

For Toby Deveson

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