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Bobby Dunn Band

Acoustic Grooves

Electric Stuff

The Band put together by Kevin Weiss for the Bobby Dunn Acoustic Grooves compositions project.  (L to R) Vincent Troesch, Bobby Dunn, Poudy Sutter, Kevin Weiss.

Bobby Dunn is an American from San Francisco naturalized French after 10 years of living in France.  "I have always felt French; I don't know why".  I began writing songs at the age of 17 and most of what I wrote at the time could be best described as 'unrefined'.  I still have some of the songs to prove it!  I never considered myself a musician or a singer but my father was a poet and a journalist and I learned to enjoy writing very early.  My writing developed over time.  Now, I feel confident as a writer. I write my songs on my acoustic guitar, but I collaborate with an excellent musicians who share my passion.  For them, I am grateful.  It is a rare circumstance to find people who like what you do enough to spend their time to make your efforts better.

Living in France since January 2000, Bobby Dunn has grown musically through collaborations with Kevin Weiss, Vincent Troesch and Poudy Sutter.  Creating and playing music has never been more productive or fun!

Kevin Weiss was born and raised in the Alsace.  He began playing guitar at the age of 8.  Besides being a father of 3 and a husband, Kevin's life is all about music and playing guitar.  He owns a successful guitar shop, designs guitars and is a respected musician.

Vincent Troesch was raised-French and lives in the Alsace. Rocked by Anglo-Saxon music, he first played the organ before switching to the bass guitar.  His roots run deep in blues and rock music. He joined the Bobby Dunn project in March 2016

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