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In My Cadillac

Open road dreams,

She’s a beautiful machine.

She got white-wall rubber

Dressed in chrome that gleams.

I saw my drop-top baby,

In movie magazines.

Creamy white leather soft

Against my jeans.



Cruisin’ the coast highway,

She’s like water in a crack.

Parked on a sunset

And lovin’ in the back,

I feel like a million...yeah

I feel like a million,

In my Cadillac.

In my Cadillac.

Yeah, I feel like a million

In my Cadillac.


Leavin’ for the weekend

Or just out for a drive

Don’t have a reason

To feel alive

Drop-top dropped open,

Nothing but sky

I got my Wayfarer Raybands dark

To protect my eyes



Music: Gilles Guigue

Words: BobbyDunn

©November/ 2006

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