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Never Knowing

In the darkness of the night,

In the hours before dawn,

I have cried a million tears.


Is there somewhere in your heart,

A little space for me ?

In some forgotten nook, please take a look

For me.


‘Cause never knowing,

Never knowing, turns me cold. 


Did you ever care ?

Did you even want me there ?

Did you know with what dispare

I have wanted you ?


Now I’ve lived so many years

And bent as many ears ;

Tried to share, tried to bear,

This empty longing.


Never knowing,

Never knowing,

What you felt.

Never knowing,

Never knowing,

if you loved me ?

Never knowing,

Never knowing,

then you died.


But that’s not the end for me !

The shame in your eyes

Made me realize

THAT shame, that shame

Is your own.


And I am not alone.

People that love me

they call me Mom.

And I have love to give,

Inspite of you.


But never knowing,

Never knowing,

turns me cold.

Never knowing,

Never knowing,

Got fucking...old.

Music : Bobby Dunn

Words : Bobby Dunn/ Jeanette Foster

©June 2014

This song is dedicated to my Mother who wrote a poem that inspired it.

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