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When I started,

No one knew my name.

Around every corner…

I would search for fame.

I was empty handed,

Penniless and shamed.

But it all get better,

Learning to play the game.



It’s easy and difficult,

You know,

The people you meet

Go fast and slow.

The waters continue

To ebb and flow…and the years,

Where do they go ?


As a young man,

Charging from the gate.

There were many chances,

To spit out what you ate.

It can be confusing,

To recognize your fate.

When all you see,

Feels like a heavy weight.




Well a clock is tickin’

Sometimes too fast to know,

That the future comin’

Is a path set long ago.

Well it does seem funny

As you grow,

That so many choices

Are few when you’re old.




What is a lifetime,

When it’s time to go ?

Will I be remembered

When I’m gone and layin’ low ?

Does it even matter

To those we loved and knowed ?

We came like the rain,

And dried like water on the road.




Music : Kevin Weiss

Words : Bobby Dunn

©August 2017

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