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You Are What You Give

Growin’ up you never realize,

All around you are people in disguise.

Joe may be the postman,

Jean-Pierre, he brings us our milk.

Yvonne, on the corner, has a store

that sells us buttons and silk.

What you are is NOT

Who you are.

What you are is only what you do.

When you want to know someone,

The question to ask them

Is what they give?



And I don’t know too many people

Who give more than they take.

And I don’t know too many people

Who think for other’s sake.

And I don’t want to analyze

And say who anyone should be.

But when I look in the mirror, Lord,

I just that I recognize who I see.


I used to know a girl named Alice,

Who seemed to feel

She had nothing to give.

She had no sense of malice,

She just became everyone she loved.

When you give yourself away,

It’s not the same as giving of yourself.

People will use you and look the other way,

When you need them the most.




Some people share what they have,

And they haven’t even got a lot.

Some people dare to take from those

Who don’t even have enough.

Some people care but then again,

They just haven’t got the time.

Some people stare straight ahead

for the shame of not having a dime.

Everyone has something to give

Even if it’s just a smile.

Even if it’s just a smile.

Even if it’s just a smile.


Music : Dunn/ Bassot

Lyrics : Bobby Dunn

©April 2007

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