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Nights Away

Warm nights

down by the bay,

I sing my songs

And I play.


‘Cause music speaks the words

That I can’t say.

And when I sing my songs

It’s like coming home to stay.



When I wake up with you,

You’re like sunshine in my arms.

Holding on for dear life

In your arms.


Cold nights,

The ones when I’m gone,

Waking all alone

In hotels.


The music whispers your name

Like softly ringing bells.

And my heart’s secrets

Are stories

Only you I tell.




Warm hearth,

Pennies in a well ;

Everything’s fine,

Far as I can tell .


‘Cause home is a feeling

Deep in my bones.

The things that mean the most to me

Are not things that I own.



Music : Kevin Weiss

Words : Bobby Dunn

©June 2017

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