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Legs against The Law

Well, you’re loaded,

All full of lead.

Double barrel,

Against my head

And you’re trouble

And I’m bein’ led

To a place that I can’t wait to go !


And I’m driving ;

I’m drivin’ slow.

In my Caddy,

Got the top down low.

And it’s sunny

Givin’ me a glow.

And you’re walking fast as I can go !


Honey, honey, yeah,

Come and ride in my car.

Honey, honey, yeah,

I want to know who you are.

Honey, honey, your legs

should be against the law.

Hair blowin’

Blowin’ in the breeze.

Your shorts hot,

Makin’ old men freeze.

I’m like a monkey

Swinging in the trees.

I’m in my car,

But I’m on my knees !


And you’re walkin’,

I know not where

And your smile

It is nucleaire.

And your perfume,

It fills the air,

Baby, your beauty just isn’t fair !


I’m in prison,

You’ve got the key.

To let me out,

Baby, to set me free

Jump in my car

And cruise with me.

I’m gonna drive you to ecstasy !


Music : Kevin Weiss

Words : Bobby dunn

©january 2015

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