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I was 12 years old in 1973,

The first time that we met.

Where we stood and what you said to me,

I will never forget.

Hello my darlink, you played so well,

Would you like an ice cream.

Well, I didn’t know that you were just being nice

When you turned into my dream.



Madeleine, I miss you again.

Madeleine, a life full of family and friends.

Madeleine, this song doesn’t have an end.

Madeleine, your love will live forever in my pen.


Well, they don’t give medals

For all you’ve done.

But you have children and every one

Has something special in their heart

Just for you.

Well, I cry sometimes

when I think of you ;

and I cried when I wrote this song.

The way you’ve touched all our lives

Has been so strong.





Music/ Lyrics : Bobby Dunn

©January 2011

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