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Dream Girl

There is a face in my dreams.

She lives in a place that I’ve never seen.

She speaks direct to my heart.

She bids me to come but I don’t know how.

And she’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

The kind of woman who only lives in a dream.

Big white house in a meadow next to a stream.

She sees something deep inside of me.

And they’re my dreams;

They’re my dreams.


She is at home in a dress.

Her  elegant line so ample and fine.

She wants to lay in my arms,

But she’s a dream and I’m so far away.

I’m so far away.

She’s trapped in a dream from yesterday.

There are so many things I wish I could say.

She is my dream and I hope that she can stay.

Because she’s my dream;

She’s my dream.


Misty eyes of love,

Our desire fits like a glove.

I hold her face in my hands

Look into her eyes and she’s like the sands of time.

A love that will last for all time.

Pure and simply sublime.

She somehow understands who I am.

Living in a dream, I do all that I can…

For my dream girl;

For my dream girl.


Music/ Lyrics: Bobby Dunn

©December 2012

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